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Tyre Fitting Cheltenham

Rustshield Pros offer tyre fitting in Cheltenham. Tyres are a highly important part of vehicle safety, and we provide a fitting service for all vehicle makes and models. Moreover, we can supply and fit both budget tyres and high-quality brands including Pirelli, Michelin and Bridgestone, to name a few. In addition to our tyre fitting services, we can also carry out tracking and balancing, so get in touch with us today.

Choosing Your Tyres

We can supply, fit and balance a broad range of tyres. Our range includes budget tyres as well as leading manufacturers such as Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, GoodYear, Firestone, Hankook and Continental. Here at Pure Car Management Ltd, our qualified team can offer expert advice on performance, durability and suitability, to make sure you get the best tyres your budget will allow. Furthermore, our services also include professional wheel balancing.

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tyre treads

Checking Your Treads

Your tyre treads can tell us a lot about your vehicle. The law requires tyres to have a minimum 1.6 mm of continuous tread around the tyre, spanning across at least 75% of the central section. This is not always visually noticeable to those without experience. As such, if you notice an increase in braking distances or less stability while driving (particularly in wet conditions), this may mean you need new tyres. Checking your tyres regularly is good practice, particularly if you use your vehicle regularly. General tread wear is to be expected. However, excessive wear, uneven wear or tyre bulging can indicate other problems. Your safety is our top priority, so if you need assistance checking your tyres then pop in and see us, we’ll be happy to help.

Exposed Cords

If you can see the metal cords of your tyre protruding, replace your tyres immediately. This exposure is caused by drastic wear and is not only illegal, but potentially dangerous. You will be at an increased risk losing tyre pressure or blowouts. Not to mention facing a fine of up to £2500 and 3 points on your licence…per tyre!

Bulging Tyre Walls

A bulge usually occurs on the outer wall of the tyre and is often a result of impact, such as hitting a kerb or pothole. Subsequently, the internal air-pressure pushes on the damaged wall, resulting in a visible bubble. This can prove dangerous, especially when travelling at speed. Bulging tyres should be replaced without delay.

Uneven Tread Wear

Uneven wear can result from poor balancing or alignment, resulting in the tread at the edges of the tyre to wear much faster than elsewhere. You may also notice your vehicle pulling to the side while driving. While not necessarily dangerous, it will most certainly result in you needing replacements more often. Fortunately, our tyre fitting comes with free balancing as standard.

Wheel Balancing and Tracking

If you are experiencing uneven tread wear then your tracking may be out, or wheels may have been knocked out of balance. Common causes for this include hitting potholes or kerbs, particularly at speed, modifications and wear and tear to suspension parts. Never fear, we are able to align your wheels and balance them to set you straight again.

wheel balancing

Contact Us

Contact us for tyre fitting in Cheltenham and surrounding areas. Let us be your one-stop-shop for everything from puncture repair and tyre replacement through to wheel alignment and balancing. Stay on course and book your tyre fitting with us today.

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