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Rust Proofing Cheltenham

For rust proofing in Cheltenham, come to Rustshield Pros. We are specialists in rust prevention treatment application and highly experienced in working with vehicles of all ages and makes. We understand that your vehicle is your pride and joy. So, whether it’s a treasured classic, American muscle car or your faithful workhorse, we will treat your vehicle with the same care and respect we show our own. Contact us today for more information.

Advantages Of Rust Protection

You do not need to be able to see rust to benefit from rust proofing treatment. Not only does rust proofing stop rust in its tracks and prevent further deterioration, but it also provides a protective barrier to avoid rust setting in at all. Rust can affect any car of any age, and prevention is more efficient than a cure. Rust is unsightly and can devalue your vehicle significantly. Furthermore, if left to take hold, it can lead to major structural damage, MOT failure and even leave your vehicle unroadworthy. Benefits of our rust proofing include:

  • Stops existing rust getting worse.
  • Prevents rust from setting in.
  • Extends the lifespan of the vehicle.
  • Offers durable long-term protection.
  • Does not wash off when cleaning.
  • Does not melt or drip in hot weather.
  • Reduces rust-related repair costs.
  • Better retains resale value.
  • Makes your vehicle safer.
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Rust Proofing Your Vehicle

Rust proofing will be carried out by one of our highly trained technicians and bodywork specialists. Our rust proofing application process involves a number of steps:

  • Inspection – A comprehensive inspection of the vehicle will be conducted. You can be present while we identify the areas for treatment, and we will show you exactly where the rust protection will be applied.
  • Preparation – Following the inspection, the vehicle will be prepped for treatment. This includes carefully removing plastic trims, cleaning off all residual road dirt, masking the areas not being treated, and spot treating existing rust patches.
  • Cavity Wax Injection – We will inject professional grade cavity wax into those hard to reach areas, such as door and pillar cavities. This will protect these vulnerable and restricted access areas from rust development.
  • Under-sealing – Next, we will meticulously apply the Dinitrol coating to the underside of the vehicle. Paying close attention to wheel arches, suspension parts and cross-members, we will ensure no area of the chassis goes untreated.
  • Reassembly – Once the process is completed, we will reassemble the vehicle. Replacing the plastic trims and unmasking.
  • Drying – This is an important phase; the vehicle needs to be air-dried fully before leaving our workshop to ensure lasting protection. The duration can be weather dependant. As such, we will give you a clear indication on how long you should expect to leave your vehicle with us before treatment begins.

Contact Rustshield Pros

To arrange expert rust proofing in Cheltenham, contact Rustshield Pros. Our specialist team can protect your vehicle from the perils of rust with our professional grade treatments.

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