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Japanese Car Rust Proofing Cheltenham

We specialise in rust proofing Japanese imports, so get in touch with us today to protect your car. These vehicles are usually imported to the UK in great condition and rust-free. Therefore, the best way to protect them from UK weather conditions is to underseal them. Whether it is Mazda Bongo, Nissan Elgrand and similar MPVs or legendary sports vehicles such as Nissan GTR Skyline, Honda Integra or Subaru Legacy, the process of rust proofing is the same. The main goal of this service is to protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions and prevent potential rust from growing underneath the car.

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Why Japanese Cars Rust

As the climate in Japan is generally warm and dry, they don’t salt their roads during the winter months. Therefore, most cars produced by Japanese manufacturers have little to no underbody protection. When Japanese imports are driven in the UK, there is more risk of corrosion due to our wetter weather conditions. While fresh water will naturally cause corrosion over time, the salty mixture on our roads accelerates the process, meaning that your Japanese car will suffer. Rust will eventually eat through the car’s metallic components and potentially compromising the structure of the car’s underbody.

Because of this, it is highly recommended that you use a rust treatment to protect your vehicle from damage and prevent costly repair work.

Book Rust Proofing For Japanese Imports

We use Dinitrol to protect your Japanese import from rust. This service is suitable for all makes and models, including vehicles from Toyota, Mazda, Nissan and Mitsubishi to name a few. The process will involve a thorough inspection of your vehicle before an underbody protective coating layer will be applied.

Mazda Bongo

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