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Rust Proofing Gloucester

For rust proofing near Gloucester, come to Rustshield Pros! We are THE specialists in rust proofing services throughout the local area. Based in Cheltenham, and in close proximity to the train station, we are fully experienced in working with vehicles of all ages and makes. We understand your vehicle is your pride and joy. So, for rust prevention treatment, better come to the pros. Whether its your vintage show car or your daily run-around, your vehicle will be in safe hands.

Advantages Of Rust Proofing

The advantages of rust proofing are extensive. Not only can it prevent rust from taking hold but it can also stop existing rust in its tracks, preventing further spread and resulting damage.

  • Stops existing rust spreading.
  • Effective rust prevention.
  • Longer vehicle life.
  • Long-lasting and hard-wearing.
  • Cannot be removed when washed.
  • No melting or drips and odour free.
  • Reduces future repair costs due to rust.
  • Increases resale value.
  • Keeps vehicle structurally sound.
engine clean

How We Rust Proof Your Car

Rust proofing is performed by our highly-trained technicians and bodywork specialists. The steps involved for treating your vehicle are:


  • Inspection – We will carry out a fully inspection of the area to be treated, with you present. Furthermore, we will show you exactly what wear treatment will be applied, for your complete reassurance.
  • Preparation – Preparing the vehicle for treatment involves removing plastic trims, carefully, and masking the areas not being treated. Finally, we will wash the area down, removing all road dirt and grime, then allow to dry fully before treating.
  • Cavity Wax Injection – Professional cavity wax will be pressure injected into the hard to access areas, ensuring key structural elements such as pillars and sills are fully protected from rust.
  • Under-sealing – First, we will spot-treat existing rust patches to prevent spread. Then, the underside of the vehicle will receive a Dinitrol coating. Our keen eye for detail will ensure no area is left untreated. If required, a second coat will be applied.
  • Reassembly – Following treatment, all masking will be removed and the trims carefully re-positioned. Rest assured, your vehicle will be returned to you in the same condition we received it in.
  • Drying – Finally, we will allow the vehicle to cure fully. Drying the vehicle completely before it hits the road again will ensure that the durable Dinitrol layer is not a risk of disturbance from further road salt and grime. Once set it will be highly durable, with no dripping in hot weather and no unpleasant odours.


Contact Rustshield Pros

To arrange expert rust proofing in Gloucester, contact Rustshield Pros.

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