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Dinitrol Rust Proofing Cheltenham

We provide Dinitrol rust proofing in Cheltenham so get in touch with us today to book in your vehicle. Our team specialise in this rust proofing treatment and can provide this expert service for all vehicle makes and models.

For more information about how this service will benefit your car, please call now!

How We Will Rust Proof Your Vehicle

Our rust proofing follows a step-by-step process. It will involve:


The first stage will hoist the vehicle using a ramp. We will remove the wheels and all plastic trims to provide full access.

Pressure Washing

The vehicle chassis underbody area and wheel arches are steam cleaned with a specialist anti-corrosion solution. It is then rinsed off with hot water.

Can wheel arch after treatment
Car underside pre treatment

Drying Period & Inspection

When the vehicle is completely dry the underbody will be professionally inspected by a trained technician. If any corrosion is present, the rust will be treated with a specialist converter and primer.

Cavity Wax Treatment

A penetrating cavity wax will be injected into doors, bonnet and body frame via small insertion holes. This will be done using a specialist lance extension and we will follow specialist spray diagrams to ensure no safety sensors in the doors are damaged.

Applying Underbody Coating

A thin layer of penetrating cavity wax is applied to provide a pre-treatment to the undercarriage before the final protective coating is applied.

Cleaning Your Vehicle

Once all of the treatments have been applied, the car will be completely washed to ensure any residue is removed.

Treated car underside


Throughout the process the technician will take pictures before, during and after. The pictures can then be archived with the vehicle’s treatment history information.

Final Checks

A final inspection will be conducted before we refit all of the plastic covers. When you collect your vehicle, you will be given an application certificate.

Before and after of treatment

Benefits Of Dinitrol Rust Proofing

There are numerous benefits of Dinitrol rust proofing, including:

  • It will maximise protection of the underneath of your car.
  • Helps stop nuts and bolts seizing into place from corrosion.
  • Can avoid rust-related damage.
  • Will increase your vehicle’s working life.
  • Suitable for new and classic cars.

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