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Please bear in mind that no matter how good our process is, it can only neutralise existing rust - it cannot remove it!

Even if your vehicle is showing early signs of rust, our treatments are one of the best ways to prevent further rust progression. Our professional rust-proof treatment will help to keep your car free from new rust and will increase the longevity and improve the image of your car.

We use only Hammerite Waxoyl products and due to the quality of workmanship our full treatments are guaranteed for 4 years.

However, if you wish to maintain your guarantee, your car must come to our workshop for an annual inspection. We will inspect your car and if we find any damaged places we will reapply the coating. The first annual inspection is free of charge, the following years will be charged based on our price list. Please always book your inspection in advance.

Based on the Waxoyl recommendation, the rustproof treatment should be retreated every 2 to 5 years. That depends on the nature of the vehicle’s age, condition, storage and use.

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