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Rust can cause serious problems for your car. It has negative effects both in terms of aesthetics and safety. Worst of all, if your car has structural rust it could fail its MOT. Cleaning your car from dirt helps to preserve your car’s paint and body. But to keep the rust away from your car, it is very important to care about the vehicle’s chassis. This is the place where the most of the dirt and salt from driving on winter roads is hidden, and it will have damaging effects to your car.

One of the most effective treatments to prevent corrosion is to have your car rustproofed.

Check our pricelist:

Vehicle Type Examples Price
Small Cars Mini Cooper, Mazda MX-5 £300+vat
Medium Cars Subaru Forester, Honda Accord £340+vat
Large Cars LR Discovery, Toyota Hilux £400+vat

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