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Vehicle rust proofing process

Our car rustproofing process has been designed to help overcome the devastating effects that rust can have on your cars. With our skilful application, we can prevent future rust damage on older cars and protect newer cars from starting to deteriorate. We have a number of rust proofing treatments that we can offer, depending on your requirements, your vehicle and your budget.

  1. Inspection
    When you decide to go for a full rustproof treatment at our PCM workshop, the first thing we will do at your visit is to conduct a thorough inspection. While you will be present, we will look at your car’s chassis and advise what parts and places will be treated, so you can be sure what work and what care we will devote to your car.
  2. Removing of plastic covers
    All plastic trims and inner wheel arch covers will be carefully removed, so we can gain full access to the areas behind.
  3. Cleaning Process
    Before we start applying a Dinitrol coating on your car, it needs to be cleaned from all the road dirt, mud and accumulated salt. We use a high-pressure washer to get rid of all the dirt and when this is done, we look for any rusty places. If we find any rusty parts, we will treat them and remove rust spots before the application of the Dinitrol coating.
  4. Masking
    We will carefully mask up every part and place that does not require Dinitrol. That includes the brakes, exhaust, pipes and hoses.
  5. Cavity Wax Injection
    Cavity wax is applied using a high pressure gun inside every box section such as the pillars, doors, sills and boot etc. We inject professional cavity wax into the vulnerable body cavities and chassis areas. This helps prevent rust from forming inside these hard to get to parts.
  6. Chassis Undersealing
    This is probably the most time consuming process as we will apply a coating on all under chassis areas, suspension parts, cross-members and under wheel arches. We pay close attention to every area of your car’s chassis and nothing that needs Dinitrol coating will be missed. Sometimes we apply more than one coating of Dinitrol if necessary.
  7. De-masking and refitting of plastic covers
    When the rustproof treatment is complete, all necessary parts are unmasked and any removed plastic covers are carefully refitted.
  8. Drying process
    The complete process usually takes a day. That depends on the size of the vehicle, its condition and the time required for the preparation works. This means that larger vehicles may require longer than 1 day to complete. In the spring and summer the completed vehicle dries out much quicker. During colder weather conditions it might take a little bit longer and that is why we offer our workshop as a storage place for keeping your car until it is completely dry.

The benefits of rustproofing treatment:

  • Extends the working life of the vehicle
  • Reduces costly repair work
  • Very effective - for years to come
  • Increases re-sale value
  • Does not wash off during cleaning
  • Does not melt or drip in hot weather

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