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Welcome to PCM Workshop

At Pure Car Management Workshop we are specialists dedicated to preserving your car and enabling you to run it in pristine condition without breaking the bank.

We're a high quality but affordable one stop car shop that will enable you to keep your car in tip top condition at highly competitive prices in these tough times.

One of our main specialities is a guaranteed rust proofing treatment to protect your vehicle and preserve its value. Whether it's your cherished classic car, an iconic 70’s or 80’s showpiece, or simply your daily workhorse, we understand your desire to protect your vehicle for the longest possible time.

Services include:

  • First class car servicing of all models
  • Quality body repairs - from minor dents to the unavoidable prang!
  • Complete rust-proofing treatment and chassis under-sealing
  • Cavity Wax Injection Treatment
  • Hand Car Valeting and Detailing


Paintwork repairs to scratches, scuffs
and dents.

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Keep rust away
from your car.

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Keep your car in the
best possible

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Top quality tyres at an affordable price.

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PCM Workshop will care about your car with the same passion and attention that you do.

We focus on RESULTS YOU CAN SEE by always paying attention to every detail while undertaking preservation treatments on your car to give you the peace of mind or years to come with a full guarantee.

And our servicing skills will have your car purring with satisfaction as it gets back on the road.

Try us today. You won't be disappointed. And your pocket will benefit from those extra savings!

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